Hello Little Misses

I have always shared a deep love for both music and fashion. As a singer, I found myself designing and styling all of my costumes for the stage and outfits for photoshoots. It was from this my label, Miss Marie, was born. Each collection is inspired by songs I’ve written, but I always keep the stage in mind when I design each piece.

 Music and fashion might not seem like the typical mix but for me, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

Why do you think Beyonce released her visual album & Lemonade the way she did? When she creates music, she not only sings it, but she sees it as well. I feel the exact same way about music and fashion. I write a song and immediately think of what I’d wear to match the track. 

 I moved to Sydney to further my career and the second I did my world of music and fashion grew a whole lot bigger. From the soundtracks played at Sydney Fashion Week to the styles I saw in the streets of Paddington and Bondi. There was inspiration at every turn. With Miss Marie designs worn by fashionistas like Sydney Fashion Blogger and my music on rotation on The Edge, I’m loving all the opportunities Sydney has to offer.

 Like my music, my style has evolved and continues to do so with every song I write and every outfit I design. Throughout my journey I have learnt a lot about both industries. I wish I could say it’s as glamorous as it looks on my Instagram account but then I’d be lying. The good news is you don’t need to worry about that side of it. In these personal blogs I'm going to share all the good things I learned from how to travel in style like a true fashionista to knowing how to pose for the perfect post (no selfies included).

 And if you’re a fashionista but not so convinced that music plays a part in your style, try playing the Lemonade album while getting ready and see if it doesn’t make you want to pull out your fiercest dress and highest Louboutins… It’s hard isn’t it? ;)

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